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What is sports betting?

Sport betting is a business of people participating in gambling by placing bets on different sporting events. This brings together the thrill of sports and the joy of gambling, making it very different from other kinds of entertainment for ordinary fans and enthusiasts. When you boil it down, sports betting is about speculating about what will happen in sports and then staking money on those predictions.

The draw towards this form of bet lies in its simplicity and wide range of betting options that can attract both experienced gamblers and beginners alike.

99 exch, India’s no.1 legal betting site tells us how technology has come to sport; through 99 exch sports betting app with the industry’s best odds.

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Understanding Back and Lay Betting

When it comes to sport bet there are two types of bet options called “back” and “lay” depending on your role as a player when devising strategy. Normally bookies offer these instead of traditional bookmakers.

Back a Bet

A back bet implies that you wish to see an event occur or an outcome happen. The most common type is where people usually support their teams or favorite players hence if what they predicted occurs then they win.

Example of Backing a Bet

For example, let’s say you want to back India at odds 1.75 against Pakistan in a T20 World Cup match. If you place ₹1000 worth wager on India:

In case India wins, the pay-out will be calculated as:

  • Bet Amount×Odds=₹1000×1.75=₹1750
  • Profit would be ₹1750 – ₹1000 = ₹750.
  • In case India loses, you lose your ₹1000 bet.

Laying a Bet

This kind works in the opposite direction to backing because it involves taking positions against certain outcomes; however this time around individuals act as books themselves by laying down wagers against those specific things happening such that if anything else happens apart from them then they lose but when none does so too shall be their winnings accordingly.

Example of Laying a Bet

Now let’s suppose that you want to play Pakistan in the same match, which means you think Pakistan will not win. If the odds are 1.50:

The liability you face (the amount you could lose if Pakistan wins) is calculated as:

  • Bet Amount×(Odds−1)=₹1000×(1.50−1)=₹500
  • If Pakistan loses or draws, you win the original bet amount, which is ₹1000.
  • On the other hand should Pakistan emerge victors then you forfeit ₹500.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Back and Lay Betting

Back and lay betting offers flexibility with strategy where one can be both punter and bookmaker thus giving room to lock profit or reduce exposure before event commences particularly in live betting scenario where odds fluctuate with time during game progressions. It is possible to back and lay bets on all manner of games like tennis, football, horse racing etc.

Betting in Cricket

Love cricket? Then our site is just right for you as it covers major domestic as well international tournaments including Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League and different ICC events, regardless of where your interests are on earth!Besides traditional winning bets, other options include fancy markets in which players can bet on the session runs scored by a player or even individual performance such us runs/wickets taken by any player etc., giving fans multiple opportunities to engage with every delivery bowled.

Football Betting

There are many leagues that football fans can place their bet on such as the EPL, La Liga and Serie A or even international tournaments like World Cup, UEFA Euro Championship and Copa America. We provide both live odds and ante-post prices across a vast range of fancy bets on our platform – for instance over/under goals, number of set-piece wins by one team or individual goal scorer markets which make each match an exciting betting adventure.

Tennis Betting

That is why our site offers live tennis odds for matches together with futures markets like tournament winners and specific prop bets e.g. How many sets/games will player X win? We have all the big tennis events covered: Grand Slams (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships & US Open), ATP Tour Finals etc. ensuring that punters don’t miss out on opportunities to back their favorites at significant events locally or globally. With all these different choices available fans have more ways to get involved with the sport thus adding another level thrill for every serve and volley.

Horse Racing

This is because our horse racing section holds the best collection of Indian races from Mysore to Mumbai City Racecourse Limited (MCRL), Hyderabad Turf Club Ltd (HTCL), Pune Races & Royal Calcutta Turf Club Ltd (RCTC) among others plus prestigious overseas races such as Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs Racetrack Inc USA or Melbourne Cup Carnival at Flemington Racecourse Australia etc. With so much information available bettors can place wagers on various races using their racecards/form guides/tipsheets which are required to make informed choices in an exciting field.

At 99 exch we take pride in being the premier sportsbook that has all your needs, across several sporting disciplines. Other than cricket and football there is also a range of other popular sports like kabaddi world cup snooker championship formula one racing NBA playoffs baseball world series etcetera. Therefore, we aim for a wide variety of markets so that anyone can find something suitable regardless of what their interest may be.

In order to help users easily access our services, we have ensured that the website design was simple to navigate and geared towards beginners; acquiring an ID within minutes is possible hence making it easy for first timers who would like to test their luck at 99 exchange. Moreover, we value prompt payments thus every withdrawal is done instantly hence enabling players cash out their winnings without any unnecessary delays.