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What are crash games ?

Crash games refer to a certain type of game found in online casinos that provide a thrilling, fast-paced betting experience. These are games with a multiplier which starts at a base value and grows exponentially as the game progresses. Players place bets and observe the multiplier increase, however, they need to choose when to cash out before the game crashes or ends abruptly. The more time one remains in the game before cashing out, the higher their potential winnings but also if it crashes before they do so all wagers are lost. Such timing and unpredictability make crash games highly engaging thereby testing both player’s nerves and reaction speed.

How to play Crash games on 99 exch ?

-Go to the 99 exch website.

-Message us on WhatsApp for a quick ID setup.

-Follow our support team’s instructions to deposit funds.

-You’ll get a username and password after depositing. Keep them safe.

-Use our website or mobile app to log in, as you prefer.

-Head to the Games section or search for the game you want to play (For example Aviator).

-On the game page, pick how much you want to bet and place your wager.

Enjoy playing and good luck!

Top games on 99 exch

Games explained with 1000₹ bet: –

Aviator: A multiplying coefficient increases as an aeroplane ascends; players must cash out before it flies away.

Winning Outcome: You win ₹3000 if you cash out at 3x multiplier.

Losing Outcome: If a plane flies away before you cash out then you lose your ₹1000 bet.

Mines: This game is inspired by classic Minesweeper where players have to avoid mines in order get higher multipliers

Winning Outcome: Avoiding mines successfully and cashing out at x5 multiplier gives ₹5000

Losing Outcome: Hitting mine prior to cashing out will result in losing ₹1000 bet

Dice: Roll dice aiming for specific number/range so as to win

Winning Outcome: ₹2000 is earned by rolling target number with 2x multiplier.

Losing Outcome: Failing to hit target number means losing ₹1000 bet.

Mini Roulette (Mr): Traditional roulette with fewer numbers

Winning Outcome: ₹10,000 could be brought by betting on the correct number with a 10x multiplier.

Losing Outcome: Betting on wrong number leads to a loss of ₹1000

HiLo: A card game where you predict whether the next card will be higher or lower

Winning Outcome: Correctly guessing all card outcomes to the end of a set with 4x multiplier earns ₹4000

Losing Outcome: Wrong guess means losing ₹1000 bet

Plinko: Drop ball down pegged board where it randomly falls into different multiplier slots.

Winning Outcome: If the ball lands in the 5x multiplier slot then you win ₹5000.

Losing Outcome: The ball lands in the 0x multiplier slot so you lose ₹1000.

Goal: Predict outcome of virtual soccer shot

Winning Outcome: Correctly predicting goal with 3x multiplier brings ₹3000

Losing Outcome: If no goal is scored then you loose ₹1000

Keno: Choose numbers and win based on how many you correctly match when drawn.

Winning Outcome: Matching a high amount of your choices with x10 multiplier gives you ₹10,000 .

Losing Outcome: Matching none of your choices results in losing out on₹1000.

Hotline: In this game, players need to make strategic decisions on a board, much like any decision-based game.

Winning Outcome: If you are lucky enough to make a correct series of choices, your winnings will be multiplied by 5 which is equivalent to ₹5000.

Losing Outcome: Bad selections result in losing ₹1000 that you initially had.

Keno 80: More numbers (80) than Keno but same mechanics, which makes it more complicated.

Winning Outcome: For example, if you manage to match many numbers with the highest possible multiplier (15), your prize would be ₹15000.

Losing Outcome: On the other hand, if you fail to guess enough digits correctly then you will lose one thousand rupees.

Our app provides multiple such games including jetX, spacemand and we also provide multiple sports betting as well as casino options.